UCE 2020 Schools' performance for Kampala District

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 Kampala District is in the central region of Uganda with over 170 UNEB registered Centres.

Schools with Aggregates Eight in Eight 

Nabisunsa Girls School4
Bp.Cipriano Kihangire Secondary School2
Kawempe Muslim Secondary School2
Gayaza Road Secondary School1
Greenhill Academy,Kampala1
Mengo Secondary School1
Midland High School,Kawempe1
Uganda Martyrs High School,Rubaga1


The district registered over 19200 candidates for UCE 2020; a total of 625 scoring Division 9 from 173 Schools and thus don’t qualify for A-level.

Schools with Aggregates Nine in Eight 

Ebenezer Secondary School,Kyadondo1
Kibuli Secondary School1
Kitante Hill Secondary School1


From the UCE 2020 performance, atleast 39% of the total Candidature scored between P7 and F9 in English Subject as compared to 52.7% of Mathematics

We now detail the best aggregates from each school in Kampala as of UCE 2020

1Bp.Cipriano Kihangire Secondary School81
2Gayaza Road Secondary School81
3Greenhill Academy,Kampala81
4Kawempe Muslim Secondary School81
5Mengo Secondary School81
6Midland High School,Kawempe81
7Nabisunsa Girls School81
8Uganda Martyrs High School,Rubaga81
9Ebenezer Secondary School,Kyadondo91
10Kibuli Secondary School91
11Kitante Hill Secondary School91
12Baptist High School,Kitebi101
13Brightway Hill School,Bukesa101
14Kyambogo College School101
15Mbogo College School,Kawempe101
16Newcastle High School,Kansanga101
17Progressive Secondary School,Kitintale101
18St.Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School101
19St.Josephs Girls,Nsambya101
20Crane Hill Secondary School,Makerere111
21Kakungulu Memorial School,Kampala111
22Kasubi Secondary School111
23Luzira Secondary School111
24Makerere College School111
25Makindye Secondary School111
26St.Kizito Secondary School,Bugolobi111
27St.Peters Secondary School,Nsambya111
28Aga Khan High School121
29Faiha High School,Kawempe121
30Kololo Secondary School121
31Lubiri High School121
32Malcom X Academy,Kampala121
33Bethel Parents Secondary School131
34Broadway High School,Kampala131
35Lubiri Secondary School131
36Mariam High School,Kampala131
37Midfield Secondary School131
38Old Kampala Secondary School131
39Rubaga Girls Secondary School131
40St.Michael International School131
41Stena Hill School,Kampala131
42Tropical High School,Kampala131
43East High School,Ntinda141
44Model High School,Kampala141
45Namungoona Salaf School141
46Our Lady Fatima Secondary School141
47St.Janan Luwumu Secondary School,Kampala141
48Vienna High School,Kabowa141
49Winston Standard Ss,Kampala141
50Continental Whiteland College151
51Kairos High School151
52Kingstone High School,Kawempe151
53Light Africa Secondary School,Masanafu151
54Muyenga High School151
55St.James Biina Hall,Luzira151
56St.Josephs Centenary Ss,Ndeeba151
57St.Kizito Secondary School,Kabowa151
58Storm High School,Nabweru151
59Amka Classic School,Kampala161
60City High School161
61Emma High School,Kikaaya161
62Kabowa High School161
63Kalinabiri Secondary School161
64Lakeside College,Luzira161
65Nsambya Hillside High School161
66Pimbas Secondary School161
67Royal College,Makindye161
68St.Pius Secondary School,Makindye161
69Universal High School,Kisaasi161
70Central College School,Nateete171
71Crested Secondary School,Kampala171
72Jakayz Secondary School,Kabowa171
73Kisaasi College School171
74Kololo High School171
75St.Edward High School,Lubaga171
76Trinity High School,Lugoba171
77Abdul Waheed High School,Kilokole181
78Emmanuel College,Kazo-Kampala181
79Heritage College School,Kawempe181
80Kansanga Secondary School181
81Kansanga Seed Secondary School181
82Kawempe Mbogo Secondary School181
83Mackay Memorial School,Natete181
84Uplands High School,Mutundwe181
85City Hill College,Mutundwe191
86Everlight College,Kalungu Bbunga191
87Ggaba Parents High School192
88Golden School,Kampala191
89Najjanankumbi Young Christian School191
90Namungoona Parents Secondary School191
91St.Catherines College,Nakinyuguzi191
92St.Denis Sebugwawo Ss,Ggaba191
93Abdulrahaman Bin Auf Secondary School201
94Bilal Islamic School,Bwaise201
95Church Of God High School,Kasubi201
96Katwe Noor Secondary School201
97New Kabale Busega High School201
98Queens Secondary School201
99Buziga Islamic Theological Institute211
100City Campus High School,Makindye211
101Lohana High School211
102St.Francis Secondary School,Kawempe211
103Excel Secondary School,Kasubi221
104Kampala High School221
105Kampala Secondary School221
106Kawaala High School221
107Nakasero Secondary School221
108New Styles Secondary School,Bwaise221
109Pal And Lisa Secondary School,Kampala221
110St.Charles Lwanga High School,Lubya221
111St.Margaret College,Makerere221
112St.Mbuga Vocational Ss,Kampala221
113The Science Foundation College221
114Campus High School,Kasubi232
115Central College,Kawempe231
116Kampala Citizens College School231
117Kawempe Standard School231
118Mengo Secondary School Annex231
119Natete Muslim High School231
120Pride Academy,Kampala231
121Apas Secondary School,Nsambya242
122Equator College School,Kampala241
123Gaba Mixed High School241
124Our Lady Seat Of Wisdom Secondary School241
125Upper Prison Inmates Ss,Luzira241
126Victory Secondary School,Kampala241
127Ahmadiyya Muslim High School251
128Namungoona High School261
129Rise And Shine High School,Ntinda261
130Kitebi Secondary School271
131Makindye Parents Secondary School271
132Mulago Secondary School271
133Princess Diana High School271
134Samson Memorial High School271
135St.Josephs Secondary School,Busega271
136Sure Public Secondary School,Kasubi271
137Uphill College,Mbuya271
138Frima High School,Kanyanya281
139Kazo Hill College School,Kawempe281
140Kisaasi Muslim Secondary School281
141Mbuya College School281
142Praise Integrated High School,Mpererwe281
143Central College,Kawaala291
144Highland Secondary School,Kisaasi291
145Kololo Secondary School Annex301
146Maranatha High School,Kampala301
147Margaret Secondary School,Kikaaya301
148Noahs Ark Secondary School,Lugazi301
149Eagles Nest Secondary School,Kampala311
150Makerere Day & Evening Adult School311
151St.George High School,Kabusu311
152St.Marys High School,Lubaga311
153Star Secondary School,Busega311
154Alliance Standard Secondary School,Mengo321
155Green Valley High School,Kampala321
156Kulumba High School322
157Nsambya Secondary School321
158Chwa Ii Memorial College342
159Kitintale Parents Secondary School342
160Makerere Modern Secondary School342
161Rock Foundation Secondary School,Nsambya342
162Bright High School,Busega352
163Cityside College,Makerere352
164Kasubi Parents Secondary School362
165London High School,Kabowa362
166Rock Hill Secondary School362
167Strive High School,Kawaala362
168Makerere Highway College372
169Pearl High School,Makindye372
170Oxford High School,Kawempe392
171Concerted College School,Ntinda412
172Mirembe College School,Katwe412
173Lugogo Centre463