Only 6 D1s in UACE 2020 Geometrical and Building Drawing P1

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The report on the work of Candidates of 2019 specifically for P720/1 – Geometrical and Building Drawing showed that the general performance of candidates in this paper was good and slightly better than that of the previous year but the quality of their work was similar to that of the previous year. The students were tested on aspects of Hyperbola, Cam, Link mechanism, Shear force, Isometric view, Lines in space among others

The 2020 candidates work report yet to be release may suggest otherwise as 68% of the subject candidature failed Paper 1

Only 6 Distinction 1s were scored in the entire country, 21 D2s and up to 42% candidature scored F9s

19 centers had all their candidates score F9!

The subject however has a low candidature and very few centers

We now list the performance of P1 of geometrical and Building Construction

Pos.SchoolDistrictD1- C3C4-C6P7-F9
1Nabumali High SchoolMbale010
2Manjasi High SchoolTororo010
3Kawempe Muslim Secondary SchoolKampala140
4St.Marys College,KisubiWakiso332
5Gayaza High SchoolWakiso323
6The Science Foundation CollegeKampala010
7Naalya Secondary School,NamugongoWakiso232
8Sebei College,TegeresKapchorwa020
9St.Henrys College,KitovuMasaka496
10Kings College,BudoWakiso41310
11Seeta High SchoolMukono356
12Nsangi Secondary SchoolWakiso031
13Our Lady Of Africa Secondary SchoolMukono283
14Namilyango CollegeMukono385
15Makerere College School,MulawaWakiso246
16Ntare SchoolMbarara458
17Kiira College,ButikiJinja063
18Lubiri High SchoolKampala021
19Heritage Voc Secondary School,MbararaMbarara010
20Katende Progressive Vocational SsMpigi010
21St.Maria Goretti Ss,KatendeMpigi031
22Umar B.A Islamic High SchoolMukono010
23Seeta Hill College,MukonoMukono022
24Rock High School,TororoTororo011
25Lords Meade Vocational College,NjeruBuikwe030
26Kitende Secondary SchoolWakiso258
27Namirembe Hillside High SchoolWakiso4411
28Bombo Secondary SchoolLuweero021
29Kako Secondary SchoolMasaka114
30Amus College SchoolBukedea102
31Mengo Secondary SchoolKampala61321
33Buddo Secondary SchoolWakiso3515
34St.Josephs College,LayibiGulu042
35Mpoma SchoolMukono103
36Kinaawa High School,MugongoWakiso146
37St.Peters Secondary School,NsambyaKampala048
38Masaka Secondary School AnnexMasaka034
39Mpumudde High School,JinjaJinja001
40Baptist High School,KitebiKampala011
41St.Marys Secondary School,NamaligaLuweero013
42Rwantsinga High SchoolMbarara001
43Mpoma School Satellite CampusMukono013
44Paul Mukasa Secondary School,MukonoMukono012
45Hands Of Love Community SsMayuge013
46Standard High School,ZzanaWakiso011
47Alliance Secondary School,IbandaIbanda001
48Atapara Secondary SchoolOyam001
49Busoga College,MwiriJinja035
50Seroma Christian High SchoolMukono0712
51Gombe Secondary SchoolButambala046
52Bugema Adventist Secondary SchoolLuweero1310
53Wits College,NamulandaWakiso013
54Lakeside College,LuziraKampala012
55Wampewo Ntakke Secondary SchoolWakiso126
56Bp.Cipriano Kihangire Secondary SchoolKampala3625
57St.Josephs College,OmbaciArua023
58St.Johns Secondary School,NtebetebeWakiso016
59Jinja Secondary SchoolJinja026
60Amach Complex Secondary SchoolLira011
61Merryland High School,EntebbeWakiso013
62Teso College,AloetSoroti039
63Bulooba Royal CollegeWakiso0414
64Katikamu Secondary SchoolLuweero048
65St.Michael International SchoolKampala027
66St.Josephs Vocational School,MbararaMbarara009
67M.M College,WairakaJinja014
68Kasubi Secondary SchoolKampala118
69Mbarara High SchoolMbarara0415
70Kyaddondo Secondary SchoolWakiso0213
71Masaka Secondary SchoolMasaka01033
72Kyambogo College SchoolKampala1317
73Lubiri Secondary SchoolKampala1120
74Hilton High School,MukonoMukono0314
75Bukoyo Secondary SchoolIganga003
76Kibuli Secondary SchoolKampala0110
77Busoga High SchoolKamuli001
78Luteete Secondary SchoolLuweero002
79Bwala Secondary School,MasakaMasaka001
80St.Charles Lwanga Ss,BukerereMukono001
81Elite High School,EntebbeWakiso013
82St.Henrys College,KampalaWakiso001
83Entebbe Parents Secondary SchoolWakiso001
84Bishops Senior School,MukonoMukono0420
85Buloba High SchoolWakiso0110
86Kisubi Mapeera Secondary SchoolWakiso0123
87Jinja Secondary School AnnexJinja013
88Nabisunsa Girls SchoolKampala004
89Lango College,LiraLira007
90Lubiri Secondary School AnnexKampala003
91Mbale Secondary School AnnexMbale015
92Mukono Parents High SchoolMukono003
93Blessed Sacrament Ss,KimaanyaMasaka014
94Trinity College,NabbingoWakiso016
95Kigezi High SchoolKabale018
96Muyenga High SchoolKampala002
97Namagabi Secondary SchoolKayunga002
98Mwererwe Secondary SchoolWakiso002
99Kikaaya College School,BulengaWakiso003
100Bukedea Comprehensive SchoolBukedea003
101Kakira Secondary SchoolJinja005
102St.Marys Vocational School,KyamuhungaBushenyi006
103Old Kampala Secondary SchoolKampala006
104Mbale Secondary SchoolMbale006
105Mvara Secondary SchoolArua002
106Vurra Secondary SchoolArua001
107Gulu HallGulu001
108Sir Samuel Baker SchoolGulu001
109Jinja CollegeJinja001
110Kalinabiri Secondary SchoolKampala001
111Kakungulu Memorial School,KampalaKampala0018
112St.James Biina Hall,LuziraKampala003
113St.Mbuga Vocational Ss,KampalaKampala001
114St.Gracious Secondary School,LiraLira001
115Archbishop Kiwanuka Ss,KitovuMasaka004
116Nyarubanga Vocational Secondary SchoolMbarara002
117Moyo Secondary SchoolMoyo001
118Kisowera Secondary SchoolMukono003
119Jeressar High School,SorotiSoroti001
120Buddo Christian Secondary SchoolWakiso001
121Entebbe Comprehensive Secondary SchoolWakiso001
122Clive College,KirekaWakiso001
123Bulo Parents Secondary SchoolButambala006