No Distinctions in Biology, Chemistry, Physics- Abim District

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Abim District is one of the Local Governments Districts, under the Uganda Government decentralization policy, located in Northern Uganda. The district is named after its 'chief town', Abim, where the district headquarters are located. 
Abim District is composed of five sub counties and one town council.

The district has only 4 Secondary Schools with Center Numbers. These schools accommodate atleast 300 candidates per year.

The performance in the district is fairly improving as majority of Students pass with a Division 3 at UCE

However, in science subjects (Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry), all isn’t well.

Considering the Pass rate of UCE 2020 in Abim

Morulem Girls Secondary School28.331.5811.3216.98
Abim Secondary School42.8619.485.8415.58
Lotuke Seed Secondary School,Abim18.4215.795.267.89

On average, Morulem Girls has an average Sciences pass rate of 22.05%, followed by Abim Secondary with 20.94% and Lotuke Seed with 11.84%

For the last 3 years (2020-2018), the following can be noted;

  • Biology has never received any Distinction and the best has always been a 1 C3 per year! 
  • Physics has also never got a Distinction and the best is always a C4 
  • Chemistry has also never received a Distinction with the best as a C4!
  • Math has always received one D1 and at least 2 D2. At least 60% of the total district Candidature score between P7-F9

For UCE 2020, the best Student in the District Scored Aggregates 21 from Abim Secondary School