Boys only schools analysis at UCE 2020

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A review on the trends of single sex schools in Uganda by YoSchools reveals that Single sex boys’ schools may be extinct in the future unlike the Single sex Girls schools. This can be seen by the reduction in the population of students in these schools and some turning to mixed schools an example being St. Dominic Savio Boys Secondary School. It should be noted that over 130 girls only schools exist at Secondary unlike the less that 60 Boys only schools

However, these single boys schools have proven to be giants year in year out in academic and social upbringing of the learners.

Schools like St Henrys College Kitovu, St Marys, College Kisubi, Namilyango College, Ntare School, Bukalasa Seminary have had a good share on the country’s academic top giants over years

We now detail the performance of the Boys only schools in order of performance

Analysis made by YoSchools

PosSchools From Best DescendingDistrictDIV1Div 2DIV3DIV4DIVU
1St.Henrys College,KitovuMasaka2052000
2Bukalasa Minor SeminaryKalungu511000
3St.Marys College,KisubiWakiso2039000
4Namilyango CollegeMukono26010100
5St.Pauls Seminary,KabaleKabale455000
6Ntare SchoolMbarara24740000
7Kisubi SeminaryWakiso376000
8St.Charles Lwanga SeminaryRukungiri346000
9Sacred Heart Seminary,MubendeMubende185000
10Jinja CollegeJinja10534000
11St.Josephs Vocational School,MbararaMbarara9435000
12St.Kaggwa Bushenyi High SchoolBushenyi6224000
13St.Josephs Seminary,NyengaBuikwe2912000
14St.Peters College,TororoTororo7434200
15Ibanda Secondary SchoolIbanda6743100
16St.Marys Seminary,Fort PortalKabarole137100
17Mbarara High SchoolMbarara12776610
18Kiira College,ButikiJinja11474600
19Kitabi SeminaryBushenyi4234000
20St.Daniel Comboni College,NebbiNebbi2020000
21St.John Bosco Seminary,HoimaHoima1616000
22St.Josephs College,OmbaciArua6750410
23St.Charles Lwanga Kitabi Vocational SsBushenyi5957810
24Teso College,AloetSoroti1271091830
25Lacor SeminaryAmuru814100
26Busoga College,MwiriJinja4948850
27Kiteredde Secondary SchoolKyotera3629930
28Turkish Light Secondary SchoolWakiso2421810
29St.Adrian Seminary,RubandaRubanda1218400
30Dr.Obote College,BoroboroLira57971810
31Sts.Peter & Paul Seminary,AruaArua810400
32Bishop Angelo Negri College,GuluGulu1538500
33Muntuyera High School,KitungaNtungamo3029860
34Comboni College,LiraLira34531740
35Nagongera SeminaryTororo1032600
36St.Leos College,KyegobeKabarole1126610
37St.Josephs Seminary,AbokeKole917620
38Nganwa High SchoolSheema30231890
39St.Peters Seminary,MaderaSoroti417610
40Apostles Of Jesus Seminary,MorotoMoroto121720
41Archbishop Orombi Comp. Secondary SchoolLira210520
42St.Charles Lwanga Ss,KobokoKoboko4201480
43Ibun Baz Boys Secondary SchoolIganga82310161
44Makobore High SchoolRukungiri581361
45Lango College,LiraLira112730241
46Kigezi College,ButobereKabale72422153
47Bukedi College,KachongaButaleja297100
48St.Aloysius College,NyapeaZombo091280
49Mutolere Secondary SchoolKisoro3813190