A' level Schools with 19 Points in UACE 2020 Results

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When looking at A' level schools in Uganda that performed well in the just released Uganda Advanced Certificate Education (UACE) 2020 results, parents are spoilt for choice. The team at YoSchools took it upon themselves to analyse the released results and thus made a comprehensive list showing schools in the country with atleast one student scoring 19 points, we hope that it will be of much help to many out there.

From the inspection of the results, we determined that schools in only 42 out of 135 districts in the country managed to get atleast one student scoring 19 points. Central region districts of Wakiso, Kampala and Mukono had the most schools with 37, 22 and 17 schools respectively featuring in our report.

Uganda Martyrs SS, Namugongo and St Marys Secondary School, Kitende, two schools from Wakiso district had the most students getting 19 Points with each getting 33 and 32 students respectively getting the mark. Below is the full list of the A' level schools in Uganda with students who were just a point away from sealing the highest mark.

PositionSchoolDistrictNumber of Students
1Uganda Martyrs Ss,NamugongoWakiso33
2St.Marys Secondary School,KitendeWakiso32
3Kings College,BudoWakiso17
4Seeta High SchoolMukono17
5Ntare SchoolMbarara16
6Buddo Secondary SchoolWakiso15
7Gombe Secondary SchoolButambala13
8Immaculate Heart Girls SchoolRukungiri12
9St.Marys College,KisubiWakiso12
11Mengo Secondary SchoolKampala9
12Kawempe Muslim Secondary SchoolKampala8
13Naalya Secondary School,NamugongoWakiso8
14Namilyango CollegeMukono8
15Namirembe Hillside High SchoolWakiso8
16Seeta High School,MukonoMukono8
17St.Henrys College,KitovuMasaka8
18St.Josephs Secondary School,NaggalamaMukono8
19Citizens Secondary School,IbandaIbanda7
20St.Marks College,NamagomaWakiso7
21Bp.Cipriano Kihangire Secondary SchoolKampala6
22Bweranyangi Girls SchoolBushenyi6
23Our Lady Of Africa Secondary SchoolMukono6
24Jinja Progressive Secondary School AnnexJinja5
25Kitende Secondary SchoolWakiso5
26Nabisunsa Girls SchoolKampala5
27St.Andrea Kahwas College,HoimaHoima5
28Alliance Secondary School,IbandaIbanda4
29Kibuli Secondary SchoolKampala4
30Kinaawa High School,MugongoWakiso4
31Kololo Secondary SchoolKampala4
32Kyaddondo Secondary SchoolWakiso4
33Merryland High School,EntebbeWakiso4
34Mityana Modern Secondary SchoolMityana4
35Ndejje Secondary SchoolLuweero4
36Seeta High School Green Campus,MukonoMukono4
37St.Marys College,LugaziBuikwe4
38St.Peters Secondary School,NsambyaKampala4
39Standard High School,ZzanaWakiso4
40Bulo Parents Secondary SchoolButambala3
41Gayaza High SchoolWakiso3
42Iganga Secondary SchoolIganga3
43Kiira College,ButikiJinja3
44Makerere College School,MulawaWakiso3
45Mandela Secondary School,HoimaHoima3
46Maryhill High SchoolMbarara3
47Pride College School,MpigiMpigi3
48Seroma Christian High SchoolMukono3
49St.Balikudembe Secondary School,KisogaMukono3
50St.Peters Secondary School,NaalyaWakiso3
51Central College,MityanaMityana2
52Gayaza Road Secondary SchoolKampala2
53Greenhill Academy,KampalaKampala2
54Jeressar High School,SorotiSoroti2
55Kakungulu Memorial School,KampalaKampala2
56Kibiito Secondary SchoolBunyangabo2
57Kinaawa High School,KawempeWakiso2
58Light Academy Secondary SchoolWakiso2
59Lubiri Secondary SchoolKampala2
60Luzira Secondary SchoolKampala2
61Madinah Islamic Secondary School,NsangiWakiso2
62Mulusa Academy,WobulenziLuweero2
63Munta Royal College,BomboLuweero2
64Muntuyera High School,KitungaNtungamo2
65Naalya Secondary School,Lugazi CampusBuikwe2
66Premier Secondary School,HoimaHoima2
67St.Henrys College,MbalwaWakiso2
68St.Kalemba Secondary SchoolKayunga2
69Standard College,NtungamoNtungamo2
70Westville High SchoolKabarole2
71Aduku Secondary SchoolApac1
72Airforce Secondary School,EntebbeWakiso1
73Archbishop Kiwanuka Ss,KitovuMasaka1
74Ave Maria Secondary SchoolKyenjojo1
75Biguli Secondary SchoolKamwenge1
76Bishop Nkoyoyo Secondary School,MataleBuikwe1
77Bishops Senior School,MukonoMukono1
78Bugema Adventist Secondary SchoolLuweero1
79Bugembe Islamic InstituteJinja1
80Bugisu High SchoolMbale1
81Bukalasa Minor SeminaryKalungu1
82Busiiro Secondary SchoolLuuka1
83Busoga High SchoolKamuli1
84Butsibo Secondary SchoolSheema1
85Cornerstone Leadership AcademyNakasongola1
86Cornerstone Leadership AcademyWakiso1
87Crane High School,BwerengaWakiso1
88Exodus College School,MmendeWakiso1
89Forest Hill College,MukonoMukono1
90Gayaza Cambridge CollegeWakiso1
91Gayaza Islamic Secondary SchoolWakiso1
92Gods Way High School,MaganjoWakiso1
93Holy Cross Lake View Ss,JinjaJinja1
94Ibanda High SchoolIbanda1
95Ibanda Secondary SchoolIbanda1
96Iganga High SchoolIganga1
97Ijumo Progressive Secondary SchoolMitooma1
98Itendero Secondary SchoolSheema1
99Janan Secondary School,BomboLuweero1
100Jinja CollegeJinja1
101Jinja Progressive Secondary SchoolJinja1
102Kabale Brainstorm High SchoolKabale1
103Kabuwoko Secondary SchoolKyotera1
104Kako Secondary SchoolMasaka1
105Kasubi Secondary SchoolKampala1
106Katikamu Secondary SchoolLuweero1
107Kibubura Girls Secondary SchoolIbanda1
108Kigumba Intensive Secondary SchoolKiryandongo1
109Kinaawa High School,KasangatiWakiso1
110Kisoro Vision Secondary SchoolKisoro1
111Kyambogo College SchoolKampala1
112Kyeitembe Vocational SsBushenyi1
113Light Secondary School,NyabubareBushenyi1
114Lugoba High School,NabweruWakiso1
115Lukwanga Secondary SchoolWakiso1
116Luma Eastern College,BusiaBusia1
117Makerere Competent High School,HoimaHoima1
118Makindye Secondary SchoolKampala1
119Masaka Secondary SchoolMasaka1
120Masindi Army Secondary SchoolMasindi1
121Mateete Comprehensive Seed SsSsembabule1
122Mbarara High SchoolMbarara1
123Mbogo High SchoolWakiso1
124Mehta Secondary SchoolBuikwe1
125Midfield Secondary SchoolKampala1
126Mother Kevin College,MabiraBuikwe1
127Motherland AcademyWakiso1
128Mpanga Secondary SchoolKabarole1
129Mpoma SchoolMukono1
130Mt.St.Henrys High School,MukonoMukono1
131Mt.Zion Secondary School,KitengaMubende1
132Mumsa High School,MityanaMityana1
133Mwererwe Secondary SchoolWakiso1
134Naalya Secondary School,BweyogerereWakiso1
135Natete Muslim High SchoolKampala1
136Ngoma Secondary School,MbaleBudaka1
137Nkoma Secondary SchoolMbale1
138Ntungamo Girls High SchoolNtungamo1
139Ntungamo High SchoolNtungamo1
140Nyabikoni Secondary School,KabaleKabale1
141Our Lady Of Africa Ss,MukonoMukono1
142Oxford High School,MbaleMbale1
143Plus Two High SchoolBushenyi1
144Praise Integrated High School,MpererweKampala1
145Rainbow High School,BudakaBudaka1
146Rines Secondary School,NamuseraWakiso1
147Royal Giant High School,MityanaMityana1
148Sayidina Abubakar Secondary SchoolButambala1
149Seeta High School "A" Level CampusMukono1
150Seeta Hill College,MukonoMukono1
151St.Andrea Kaahwa Schools,KookiKakumiro1
152St.Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High SchoolKampala1
153St.Charles Lwanga High School,KashekuroSheema1
154St.Charles Lwanga Int. Secondary SchoolWakiso1
155St.Charles Lwanga SeminaryRukungiri1
156St.Edwards School,BukuumiKakumiro1
157St.Johns Buwaaya Secondary SchoolMayuge1
158St.Johns Secondary School,NyabwinaSheema1
159St.Joseph Of Nazareth High SchoolMpigi1
160St.Josephs Girls,NsambyaKampala1
161St.Josephs Vocational School,MbararaMbarara1
162St.Julian High School Annex,GayazaWakiso1
163St.Kaggwa Bushenyi High SchoolBushenyi1
164St.Kalemba Secondary School,Villa MariaKalungu1
165St.Kizito Secondary School,BugolobiKampala1
166St.Lawrence Secondary School,SsondeMukono1
167St.Maria Goretti Ss,KatendeMpigi1
168St.Noa Mawagali Secondary School,JinjaBuikwe1
169St.Stephens College,BajjaKalungu1
170Uganda Martyrs High School,RubagaKampala1
171Vine High School,KyeizobaBushenyi1

In conclusion, I hope this list has served you well with the A' level schools with students who scored 10 out of the maximum 20 points. Congrats to all the schools featuring in this report and for any analysis, mail us at [email protected]

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